Our proposals will help bring new visitors to Paignton from the UK and overseas, which means additional investment into the town’s economy.

The British Hospitality Association has calculated that the wider hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK, employing 3.2 million people directly. In addition, the industry indirectly employs a further 2.8 million people. So for every eight jobs in the hospitality sector, a further seven jobs are created.

The proposals here today could see the creation of around 75 new full-time jobs for Paignton.

There is a long-term requirement for major change in Paignton to re-establish the town as a vibrant seaside town on the English Riviera and a location which people want to visit. It is recognised that the town has a significant history and the realisation of the necessary changes will be through a process of regeneration and revitalisation.

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Paignton Neighbourhood Plan

Shortly going to referendum 

Hundreds of people in Paignton volunteered their time to produce a neighbourhood plan for the town, emphasising that the community’s highest priority is recovering from the loss of thousands of jobs in 2001. It adds that the lack of job opportunities locally is the greatest cause of deprivation in the town.

The neighbourhood plan, which is going through the process of adoption by the Council, has one overriding aim:

“To make our town and surroundings more attractive to tourists and an outstanding place to live and work.” A key to achieving this aim is to make more of the tourism and retail offers.

The proposed new hotel, with more beds and improved facilities, will mean more long-term job opportunities for local people. In addition, construction will sustain many other local jobs. It will also complement the adopted Masterplan, offering regeneration and revitalisation of a significant seafront location.

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