View from the front of Lighthouse
View of the Lighthouse from the North

The former Lighthouse club is located on a prominent site along Paignton’s Esplanade. It overlooks the beach, the resort’s pier, the South West Coastal path, and is within a short walk of the multiplex cinema and many other facilities.

The site has seen many changes over the years and is currently outdated and in need of significant investment. There are a number of underlying issues;

  • The Lighthouse is made up of a large detached two storey building with a three storey section to the rear. It was remodelled to provide holiday accommodation connected to the live entertainment, which has resulted in an inefficient and compromised layout
  • The building is not accessible by lift, impeding wheelchair users’ access to the building
  • The ground floor is below the level needed to accommodate flood risk and climate change Parking and tarmac dominates the sea facing frontage
Above: Environment Agency map showing the site is within Flood Zone 3 (the highest probability of flooding)
Historic photo of the seafront illustrating the original garden frontages to the Esplanade properties - many now lost to parking area

The Lighthouse is not a listed building and does not sit within a Conservation Area. Properties along the Esplanade have changed many times over the years, and the street scene here has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the community and its visitors.

Today we present our proposals for the new 21st century Lighthouse, a building fit for the needs of local people and visitors, that will complement the approved Park Hotel redevelopment.

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