Given the unsuitability of the current building, it is intended that a new hotel is built. This provides the opportunity to address the issues highlighted and will also make more efficient use of this important seafront location.

Indication of scale of proposed development - Image Google 2018

The current proposals include:

  • Provision of a limited serviced hotel
  • 115 guest bedrooms, some with sea views
  • Gym and meeting room
  • Improved accessibility
  • Sea-facing restaurant facilities including landscaped external dining
  • Integrated limited under-croft car parking, promoting the use of underutilised Victoria Centre multi-storey car park nearby
  • Measures to address flood risk and climate change


The plans consider how the site fits into the existing street scene to reflect and enhance the appearance of the Esplanade and the local area. The proposals aim to respond to the prevailing height of existing buildings and are at the same height as the approved Park hotel, stepping down to the back and to the sides.

Indicative view
Above: Indicative view of the proposal and selection of reference images inluding local materials and contemporary precedents


Many of Paignton’s buildings use locally distinctive materials, such as red sandstone or ball clay brickwork. We plan to use some of these materials within the proposals to ensure the building fits in with the local context and is part of Paignton.

The site’s orientation will influence the external appearance. With the potential for wide-reaching sea views and an easterly outlook, we have carefully considered ways of preventing the building overheating from the low morning sun. The most efficient solutions are passive measures – such as vertical solar shading which does not require mechanical activation – which have minimal impact on the view.

Indicative view


The images here illustrate the external apperance of the proposals. While these are still being refined, the intention is to create an elevation that draws from the vertical rhythm of the approved Park Hotel architecture, and maximises sea views while addressing overheating from the low morning sun.

The grander Esplanade elevation changes to a more domestic scale on the side elevations to address the heights of the adjacent properties.

Proposed Site Plan
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